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The main prevention in the modern world is carried out by infectious disease doctors, who diagnose in timeand treat patients effectively. Thanks to modern antibiotics and the ability to completely isolate the patient from other people, we do not encounter outbreaks of the disease.

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If doctors find a plague patient, then they must isolate him from others. In addition, people who have been in contact with him (for example, family members) are isolated for a while to be tested for infection.

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In the premises in which the sick person lived, a thorough disinfection is carried out. In a settlement, especially if it is small, quarantine is declared and the population is vaccinated, as well as various domestic animals.

Plague is a disease in humans, which is of a natural focal infectious nature, in many cases ending in death. This is a highly contagious pathology, and susceptibility to it is universal. After the transferred and cured plague, stable immunity is not formed, that is, there is a risk of re-infection (however, the disease is somewhat easier the second time).

Plague is a way for bacteria to enter the human body.

It turned out to be a gram-negative bacterium from viagra pill of enterobacteria - plague bacillus (Yersinia pestis). The pathogen is well studied, its several subspecies have been identified and the following features have been established:

Distinguish between the transmission of the pathogen through fleas from animal carriers to humans and from person to person.

It is important to know how the plague is transmitted from person to person, as well as from other living beings. The plague bacillus circulates in natural infectious foci in the organisms of carrier animals, which include wild rodents (ground squirrels, marmots, voles), gray and black rats, house mice, cats, lagomorphs, camels.

We list the possible ways the plague enters the human body:

Carriers (distributors) of pathogens are fleas of various types and several types of sildenafil online ticks, which become infected with the causative agent of the disease when feeding on sick animals containing the plague bacillus in the blood.

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Salmonellosis is an acute infectious disease provoked by exposure to Salmonella bacteria, which, in fact, determines its name. Salmonellosis, the symptoms of which are absent in carriers of this infection, despite its active reproduction, is mainly transmitted through food contaminated with Salmonella, as well as through contaminated water. The main manifestations of the disease in the active form are manifestations of intoxication and dehydration.